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Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Services in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region

Owning a home means there’s no shortage of construction projects – big and small – to be done at any given time. Ensuring all appliances are in working order, all faucets are flowing properly, and all heating and cooling systems are functioning the way you need them are all vital to enjoying time at your property in NH’s Lakes Region. Additionally, keeping all the main aspects of your home well-maintained will protect your investment for years to come.

Your Choice for Construction and Remodeling Services in the Lakes Region

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering superior products, quality craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service. Whether you’re looking to update your existing kitchen or bath, expand your existing space, build a new deck or complete a smaller remodel, we can handle construction jobs of all sizes with ease. 

Because we understand that every home and space is different, we specialize in delivering creative construction and remodeling solutions to help make your unique space work for you. We take a personalized approach to every home construction project we take on, with the goal of finding the appropriate solution to meet your needs and delivering results that exceed your expectations every time.

Whether you need minor or major repairs, maintenance, or more extensive construction and remodeling services in NH’s Lakes Region, we want to be the ones you call.

Construction and Remodeling Services for Your Home

There are many reasons you might need construction services for your residential home in NH’s Lakes Region. Because we are locally owned and operated, we know the area well and fully appreciate our customers’ desire to keep their homes in great condition – whether for their own enjoyment or the guests or renters enjoying their space. Whether you need to make more space for your family, guests, or renters or simply want to upgrade your existing space to make it more functional or aesthetically pleasing, R2 PropertyManagement can help.

Construction and Remodeling Services Offered

When you own a home, there is always something that can be improved, fixed, maintained, added, or replaced. At R2 Property Management, we know that busy homeowners like you have other things to do besides tending to your property. And when it comes to construction projects, not everyone is skilled or willing to do the work required to maintain their home. 

Additionally, if you rent out your home to seasonal vacationers, it’s important that any construction work completed is done in a timely, efficient, and safe manner. Our team of highly skilled and vetted construction professionals will get the job done on time, on budget, and ensure the safety of you and/or your guests at all times. 

The two main categories of construction services we offer include repair and maintenance construction services and remodeling construction services. Our services are quite comprehensive, so chances are, if you need some work done at your home, our team will likely be able to help.

Repair and Maintenance Construction Services

Regular repair and maintenance construction services are something every homeowner will need at least once during their property ownership. From fixing running toilets and leaky ceilings after a summer or winter storm to repairing loose floorboards or deck boards before your summer guests or enters arrive, we have experts on hand who we trust to get the job done. In addition to these small repair services, we can help with bigger repair and maintenance projects, such as painting, plumbing, electrical work, roof repairs, and water filtration system installations.

Painting is one of those projects that is easy to put off until later. It’s a project that often gets started but is never finished or avoided altogether. Our team can handle painting projects of all sizes, from small touch-ups to a complete interior or exterior refresh.

Plumbing is something that should always be handled by professionals, as even the smallest mistake can become quite costly and messy, too! Our team can take care of any plumbing issues to ensure they are handled effectively and before they cause extensive damage to your home.

We highly recommend having an experienced electrician handle anything to do with electrical wiring, as doing it yourself can be quite dangerous if you aren’t skilled in the trade. Our trained professionals know how to manage electrical issues of all types and can take care of them for you. We can also provide you with a backup system for electricity (generator services) when New Hampshire’s winter weather strikes.

Getting up on a roof without the proper safety equipment or experience isn’t safe for most homeowners. Additionally, it can be difficult to find the cause of roof leaks and to properly fix it without the necessary knowledge and skills which our team is equipped to provide.

Water Services
Keeping water pumps and water filtrations well-maintained is critical to the health of those drinking the water that comes out of your faucet. We’re equipped to analyze your water and develop a treatment plan if needed to ensure the safety of those living at or visiting your property.

Remodeling Construction Services

When it’s time to update your kitchen and bath or add a new deck to your home, finding quality construction and remodeling services in NH’s Lakes Region can be tough – but it doesn’t have to be. Located in the heart of NH’s Lakes Region, R2 Property Management offers a variety of construction and remodeling services to help you update or enhance your interior and exterior living spaces.

Interior Remodeling Construction Services

While the kitchen and bathrooms are typically the most common rooms people like to update and remodel, there are so many spaces in your home that could benefit from improvements. Depending on your goal, investing in upgrades to any room in your home could be worthwhile. 

From living rooms and sunrooms to home office areas and guest bedrooms, basement areas, and more, there are endless opportunities to add space or improve upon existing spaces. R2 Property Management has a network of qualified professionals we can put to work to make your dream interior remodeling project come to life.

Exterior Remodeling Services

The exterior of your home gets hit with a lot of harsh weather in NH’s Lakes Region, so it’s important to keep it well protected, as well as to keep up with repairs and maintenance on a regular basis. If your roof hasn’t been updated recently, or you have siding that needs replacement, we can help ensure the exterior of your home looks great and is equipped to protect you from the elements. 

Additional exterior features of your home, such as decks, porches, stairs, sheds, and docks, may need updates or complete replacements. Our team is capable of everything from simple repairs to building and installing new structures to meet your needs, so you can enjoy your time outside while the warmer weather lasts.

Request Construction or Remodeling Services

Whether you need an addition to your home, repairs, or maintenance, our team is able to complete the job effectively, on budget, and without being a burden or inconvenience to you, your family, guests, or tenants. Contact us today at 603-253-5070 to learn how we can assist with all your construction and remodeling service needs for your NH Lakes Region property.

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