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Housekeeping & Cleaning


R2 Property Management isn’t just a property management company; we are a full-service provider for homeowners in NH’s Lakes Region, offering a comprehensive suite of services that go above and beyond anything you might expect. In addition to our expert property management, we also specialize in housekeeping and house cleaning services that leave homes immaculate and inviting. 


R2 Property Management takes pride in offering unrivaled housekeeping and house cleaning services in the NH Lakes Region. Recognizing the unique expectations of lake homeowners, we go above and beyond to deliver a spotless sanctuary for our clients. Our unwavering attention to detail is the cornerstone of our services, aimed to transform your lake house into a flawlessly maintained haven.


We want to be your choice for dependable, local housekeeping and house cleaning services in NH’s Lakes Region.

Housekeeping & Cleaning

Quality Housekeeping Services in the NH Lakes Region

At R2 Property Management, we specialize in quality housekeeping services that cater to every homeowner’s unique needs in the NH Lakes Region. Our services range from regular maintenance and cleaning to more specific tasks designed to make your home a space of comfort and tranquility. Whatever level of cleaning your home may need, our staff is equipped with the experience, knowledge, and tools necessary to ensure your home receives the attention it deserves.

Well-Trained Housekeeping Staff for Your Lake Home Needs

Our housekeeping staff is trained meticulously, with an eye for detail that is unmatched and a focus on meeting individual homeowner requirements. We take our time to ensure every corner of your home is well-tended, reinforcing our commitment to quality over quantity. We don’t merely clean; we rejuvenate homes. 

Unlike other companies that clean numerous homes per day, we focus on quality over quantity, delivering superior service for an unmatched client experience. We view your home as your most precious space and greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you in this domain.

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Professional House Cleaning Services for the NH Lakes Region Homes

We understand that every home in the NH Lakes Region is unique, which is why our house cleaning services are individually tailored to each home. Our team is not just experienced and highly skilled; they are also passionate about delivering the best house cleaning services. This is evident in the level of care they put into their work, ensuring every task is executed to perfection. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the high level of service and care our team offers.

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More Than Just House Cleaning: Providing a Personal Touch

Our home cleaning services at R2 Property Management stand out due to the personal touch we provide. Our expert contractors meticulously attend to each room in your home. Trained and detail-oriented, they effectively clean and spruce up your living spaces, whether it’s for your stay, your visitors, or a more thorough seasonal cleaning. Their attention to detail ensures every nook and cranny of your home is spotless and welcoming. We believe strongly that your home should always be somewhere you can go for comfort and relaxation, and our team strives to make this a reality.

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NH Lakes Region's Premier Cleaning Service

Our housekeeping and house cleaning services have made us a favorite among residents in the NH Lakes Region. We’re committed to delivering a quality cleaning experience that’s personalized, efficient, and stress-free. — every time. We recognize how important it is to maintain a clean and comfortable home, and we work tirelessly to provide that. Our services range from daily cleaning tasks to deep seasonal cleaning, ensuring your home remains a clean and comfortable sanctuary throughout the year.

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A Unique Approach to Housekeeping and House Cleaning Services in NH’s Lakes Region

At R2 Property Management, we strive to offer a unique approach to housekeeping and house cleaning services in the NH Lakes Region. Our emphasis on quality, detail, and personalized service sets us apart from other companies. Whether routine maintenance or seasonal deep cleaning, we’re equipped to cater to your specific needs. We believe your home is your sacred space, and we’re dedicated to helping you maintain its comfort and appeal. Choose us for an unrivaled house cleaning experience that prioritizes your satisfaction above all.


Additional Services R2 Property Management Provides

At R2 Property Management, we specialize in property management services, but our expertise doesn’t stop here. Our skilled team of property management professionals also offers home construction services, leveraging industry expertise to build and remodel stunning homes. Additionally, our home watch services ensure your property is well-cared for in your absence, and our pressure washing services revive the exterior of homes to their original beauty. Furthermore, our concierge services cater to homeowners’ individual needs, providing a level of service that truly sets us apart. 


Your Choice for Housekeeping and House Cleaning Services for Your NH Lake Home

At R2 Property Management, we strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations in every service we deliver. Contact our team of professionals today to get started with our comprehensive housekeeping and house cleaning services, and ask about additional services, too!