Our Story - R2

Our Story

Who We Are

R2 Property Management and Concierge Services LLC is a luxury property management company that provides services for the care and maintenance of fine homes, estates, associations and commercial properties in one of New Hampshire’s top destinations, the Lakes Region.

Our comprehensive services are designed to let you enjoy the best that this area has to offer, while leaving the day-to-day responsibilities in the hands of our capable team.

Rather than worry about checking the security system, stocking the fridge or getting to and from the airport, put our team to the task — we are happy to manage chores and errands of any size.

How We Help

With the complexities of owning a lakefront property, it’s often hard to balance work, life, and play. Here at R2 Property Management and Concierge Services, we exist to streamline and reduce the burden of having to juggle everything.

For the needs of the property, our property management focuses on the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly needs to keep the property in top condition allowing the homeowner peace of mind that their investment is not falling behind with the demands of maintenance. We are proactive in our review, advisement, and work efforts to ensure this stays the course.

While a client may be away from the home, we take care of upholding all household duties and tasks to ensure that their home is cared for according to their standards during their absence, however long that may be. In these instances, we schedule routine visits to the property and also offer a comprehensive menu of concierge services for any additional services whether taking in deliveries or tending to a boat on a dock.

Some of our clients are families with two working spouses at the helm. Certainly, time is in short supply in these scenarios. That’s where we come in with time-saving assists in the form of household management, tackling errands, and chores.

We have an entire suite of concierge services that help our clients get to the fun even before they arrive. From ensuring groceries are in the fridge before arrival, to making sure your boat is detailed and on the dock, we do everything we can to help facilitate memory making with your loved ones, and we custom tailor these needs to each client.

We will also offer assistance to conservators of estates, acting solely as agents on behalf of our clients. We accept no fees or payments from service providers or third-party sources.

We Work With

Our clients typically fall into one of two camps: private homeowners and commercial property owners. Private homeowners who appreciate professional detailed property management that is proactive in service rather than reactive, as well as concierge services that are custom tailored to the individual needs of that homeowner and home.  On the commercial side, our clients are eager to source support for property management for their asset but also advisement in investment analysis, tenant relationship management, cash flow management, and leasing responsibilities.

Our Why

Many who come to the New Hampshire Lakes Region don’t know who to turn to and do not know who to trust. In fact, our team felt these same pain points when moving to the Lakes Region, as well. 

Owning a property comes with tremendous responsibility. No matter its age, size, or location, whether residential or commercial, all properties require routine maintenance and consistent care.

R2 Property Management and Concierge Service’s mission is to be a single point of contact trusted advisor for our clients so that they can focus on creating memories and less on the rigors of home and property ownership.

When completed as needed, small repairs can help save property owners lots of money. It is only when these minor issues are ignored that they become major ones that demand immediate, often expensive attention.

Our Process

We understand the rigors and responsibilities that come with maintaining residential and commercial properties. We know that it takes a tremendous amount of work and time to source, arrange, and coordinate all the projects that need to be done. By partnering with R2 Property Management and Concierge Services as your trusted advisor, you can leave the details to us.

We prefer a minimum six-month service contract from our clients, which enables our staff to really get to know you as well as the nuances of your property. All of our on-site associates are insured and bonded. All vendors are thoroughly reviewed on public data sources, including the Better Business Bureau and we thoroughly review prior customer references.

If requested, we will provide the client with three detailed proposals from qualified vendors who have the necessary licenses and appropriate insurances.

At the end of the day, we ensure our process is kept easy and hassle-free so you can focus on the things you enjoy.

We provide an expansive range of services to our valued clients. We work as the single point of contact to execute our client’s desires. Often, we are in the role of a general contractor to oversee home improvement and construction projects, our professional backgrounds are perfect to quarterback these scenarios and ensure a professional and well executed plan.

Property ownership can come with surprises. For that reason, we handle emergencies on a 24/7 basis.

Pricing Structure

While we typically work on contracted quoted work, if you only require an errand or an odd job at irregular intervals, we are happy to quote you an hourly rate or price per job.

Please visit our contact page and submit our form to receive your free price quote today.