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7 Tasks R2 Property Management Can Check Off Your Fall Home Cleanup List

It certainly doesn’t feel like summer is coming to an end in the Northeast, and yet, here we are in early September. The most beautiful season in New England is creeping up on us whether we like it or not, so we might as well be prepared for when the cooler weather inevitably rolls in – because it WILL. 


Whether your fall to-do list includes just a few “Honey-Do” items or it’s starting to feel overwhelming, there’s no reason you should have to spend one minute prepping your property for the upcoming season. R2 Property Management can handle all of your home cleanup tasks to ensure your home is buttoned up for winter, and all that comes with it in NH’s Lakes Region.


Your Fall Home Cleanup Checklist: Done For You

If any of these items are on your fall home cleanup checklist (and they should be!), R2 Property Management can help you check every one of them off your list. 


  1. Gutter Cleaning

Now is the time to ensure your gutters are clear and free-flowing, so there is room for all of the fall debris that’s sure to come. R2 Property Management can arrange for professional gutter cleaning for your gutters and downspouts, so you won’t have to worry about it.


  1. Pressure Washing

Another great task to take care of in the fall is to pressure wash exterior surfaces, such as siding, roofs, decks, patios, and docks. R2 Property Management is equipped to handle pressure washing projects of all types, so your exterior surfaces are in top shape before winter hits.


  1. Boat and Watercraft Winterization

We’re not trying to rush you into taking your boat out of the water. There’s still some summer left! But when you do need winterization and/or storage services for your boat or other watercraft, R2 Property Management is happy to connect you with trusted local service providers.


  1. Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

At R2 Property Management, we offer seasonal lawn care and landscaping services, including mowing, leaf removal, yard cleanup, irrigation winterization services, and more. With our expert team and attention to detail, we ensure your fall cleanup is thorough, offering protection against winter damage and a stress-free transition into the colder months.


  1. Dock Maintenance/Removal

When it’s time to say goodbye to boating for the season, it’s important to ensure your dock is in good shape before freezing temps arrive. And, if you have an aluminum dock, you’ll need to remove your dock from the water to prevent damage. R2 Property Management can help inspect, maintain, and/or remove your dock so it’s ready for the next boating season. 

  1. Maintenance and Repairs

Have you been putting off a long list of maintenance and repairs that need attention? Why not take care of them now, before they become a bigger problem? R2 Property Management can handle or arrange for roof inspections, chimney cleaning, leak fixing, and other necessary maintenance tasks through our network of trusted contractors. 


  1. Interior and Exterior Winterization

Winterizing your property’s interior and exterior systems and spaces helps prevent damage and other issues from popping up over the winter months. R2 Property Management can assist with all winterization tasks, such as adjusting thermostats, cleaning chimneys and wood stoves, draining and covering external water faucets and hoses, removing food from pantries, etc. 

Ongoing Home Watch Services While You’re Away

Are you going to be away from your property for the winter? In addition to taking care of all of the above before the snow flies, R2 Property Management also offers home watch services to keep your property safe and secure while you’re away. We’ll periodically visit your property and conduct walk-throughs and perimeter checks, assess security systems and appliances, care for indoor plants, check for pest issues, and more. Learn more about our home watch services today. 


Partner with R2 Property Management this Fall

By partnering with R2 Property Management, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is well-prepared for the oncoming season. Let us check off the items on your fall to-do list while you sit back and enjoy what’s left of the season! 


Schedule your fall home cleanup with R2 today!

I highly recommend R2 Property Management and Concierge Services LLC for Handyman Services. Jeff Reisner, the owner was available by phone or email to discuss the items I needed done and answer any questions I had. Stanley provided excellent service, was friendly and completed the work in a timely manner. I look forward to working with this company again for any Handyman or Landscaping Services.”  – Lynne Lowrey

Over the last 50 years, I have owned several homes in New Hampshire. Supervision and maintenance have always been an important consideration, and relying on someone whom you can trust is the key. I think that Jeff Reisner and his team represent such an organization.”

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“We had R2 do a deep clean for this year’s opening. When we walked in, it was sparkling!!!!! Amber is a superstar⭐️🎉👏 Looking forward to monthly cleanings, and am ready to book for 2023!” – Dain L.

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“R2 Property Management recently installed a new motion faucet, large sink and new disposal for us. I was exceptionally pleased with both their administrative communication and technical skills. Jeff, the owner, was responsive to our needs and Mike, the technician, was very professional.

There were several challenges encountered with the project and each time Mike presented us possible solutions from which to chose. We are thrilled with the final outcome!” – Michelle L.

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“The team at R2 has been amazing to work with — flexible and responsive to all my needs. And the quality of the finished product was superb! I cannot wait to have another project for them to work on” – Bree S.

“Communication between R2 Property Management and our family has been wonderful. Any questions are quickly answered. They listen to worries and concerns and offer other suggestions when items are unavailable and/or need to be changed. I look forward to many years working together” –  Jean S.